Space Racers thanks its fans and partners for a tremendous August Eclipse program, helping kids to safely view the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse!

How to Create a Pinhole Projector to View the Eclipse

Eclipse Bird

A pinhole camera is another way to view an eclipse. Instead of requiring special glasses, a pinhole camera projects an image of an eclipse on its rear wall. Photographs were once taken this way a long time ago.

This homemade projector will allow you to safely see the image of an eclipse on the wall. You can create a pinhole projector using items found in your home!


  • A long cardboard box (a large shoe box will do)
  • Scissors*
  • Duct tape or Scotch tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • A pin or thumbtack*
  • A sharp knife or paper cutter*
  • A sheet of white paper

*Parental supervision and assistance required.

Step 1: With parental assistance, cut a small rectangular hole in one end of the box, lengthwise.

Step 2: Using the scissors, cut a piece of aluminum foil that is a little bit bigger than the hole you have cut into the box.

Step 3: Use the tape to secure the foil on the inside of the box, covering the hole.

Step 4: Using the pin or thumbtack, poke a tiny hole in the center of the foil.

Step 5: Now, tape the sheet of white paper to the inside of the box on the side directly opposite the side with the aluminum foil.

Step 6: Take the box outside and stand with your back toward the sun. Hold the box so that the aluminum foil is facing the Sun. Now, watch the negative projection of the Sun and its shadow on the white paper inside the box!